Runebound: Cult of the Rune Pack

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They dragged the youth kicking and cursing through the trees and into a clearing. Frighteningly strong hands held him down while ropes were lashed about his wrists and ankles. When the man in the robes stepped into his vision, holding a slab of stone, a twisting, pulsing shape set into it, the boy dared to hope. A Runemaster, he thought. I'm saved!

Then the man lifted the tablet above his head, and the hood of his robe fell back, and the boy could see that his eyes were glazed and dead and delusional. The man was not the master of the Rune ... quite the opposite ...

The Cult of the Rune expansion pack is a whole new adventure set in the Runebound land of Terrinoth! The Dwarves of Forge have uncovered something best left hidden. No one seems to know where these ancient Runes came from, but their power is undeniable ... and pernicious. The Runes have managed to twist those around them into worshipping them like gods, and now ... they are spreading.

The Cult of the Rune adventure variant replaces some elements of the Rise of the Dragon Lords adventure found in the base Runebound game, creating an entirely new game experience! It includes 30 new adventure cards and a set of cardboard tokens.