Savage Worlds RPG: Hellfrost - Adventure Compendium 3

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A caravan of slain refugees isn't an unusual sight, especially in winter - but why do they have their weapons drawn, yet show no sign of wounds? And who are the mysterious "white men" of which the lone survivor speaks? Fate has drawn heroes into a race to uncover the secrets of the past - secrets which have been deliberately concealed for centuries. A terrible crime committed long ago brings repercussions for those in the present age, for someone must pay the price for the Sins of the Fathers! This Adventure Compendium contains a collection of Veteran-rank fantasy adventures designed for the Hellfrost setting.

Hellfrost Adventure Compendium 3 is designed to be used with the Hellfrost Player’s Guide, Bestiary & Gazetteer using the award winning Savage Worlds RPG.