Scenics: Invincible Class Planetary Gunship - Deluxe Version

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This box includes one highly detailed Invincible Class Gunship. Manufactured from high-quality HDF and easy to assemble, this model makes a superb addition to any Science Fiction wargame or a fine display piece for modellers, painters and collectors.

This version of the Invincible comes with a high quality polyurethane resin features kit that takes the already detailed hull and adds extra components, including sensor arrays, engines, weapon systems and hull panelling. The hull design has been modified to allow these highly detailed parts to 'slot' into recessed areas, turning the resin components into fully integrated pieces of this superb model.

The Invincible makes an inspiring piece of table-top scenery, and will also make an excellent objective. Alternatively it can soar high over the battlefield taking part in the action. This version of the Aggressor is aimed at owners of 15mm or 28mm miniatures, but with no scale-specific features the model can be used in any role on the tabletop.

This version of the Invincible Planetary Gunship is 570mm Long, 130mm High and 340mm Wide. Full assembly instructions included along with acrylic flight stand. Models unpainted and unassembled.