Shadow Hunters

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Identify: In Shadow Hunters, each player has a secret character identity - Shadow, Hunter or Neutral (civilian). Figure out the identities of the other players to determine who is your ally and who is your ennemy!

Survive: Once your identity is revealed, your ennemies will attack you using their special abilities such as Demolish, Teleport, Suck Blood with the help of equipments like Rusted Broad Axe or Cursed Sword Masamune. A fierce survival battle between the Shadows and the Hunters will ignite where only the strongest can win. Unless, a civilian in the right circumstances, claims victory!

This edition includes more Hunters, more Shadows, and more Civilians to add variety to your Shadow Hunters games.


  • Rule Book
  • Game Board
  • 10 Character Cards
  • 6 Area Cards
  • 16 White Cards
  • 16 Black Cards
  • 16 Hermit Cards
  • 8 Player Cards
  • 16 Wooden Pieces
  • 6-sided Die
  • 4-sided Die
  • 10 New Character Cards