Shadows Over Vathak

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Vathak is a land of harsh terrain and frigid weather. Plague and disease have swept the land, turning cities to cemeteries. The vampire lords are fighting for power and survival. The vindari killed most of your family as their genocidal plans spread across nations. Bhriota cultist kidnapped, tortured, and ate the first girl you ever loved.

This is Vathak, before the Old Ones awakened . . .

Shadows over Vathak is a dark fantasy, survival horror campaign setting for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Combining elements of gothic horror and Lovecraftian mythos, Shadows Over Vathak introduces a world of hardship and strife on the verge of a great war with eldritch horrors. Introducing new playable races, character classes, weapons, a detail overview of the lands of Vathak and it’s history, and of course twisted aberrations to haunt any player’s nightmares.

Can you survive the Shadow Over Vathak.