Shinobi Wat-aah

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The Empire of the Moon faces many threats. The Rift has reopened, providing passage for the creatures that
have lurked in Shadow for millennia. But the danger also comes from within as the Emperor, son of the Moon, is getting old, and his formerly loyal lords are now trying to seize power. These aspiring clan lords will make their appeal to the warriors known as ninjas, adepts of the way of Shinobi. The clans are prepared for war!

As a lord with a thirst for power, in Shinobi WAT-AAH! you intend to place your honorable posterior on the imperial throne. Your plan is to appeal to the large clans of ninjas, who will empower you to impose your military strength upon your enemies. To put it simply, your goal is to put a big WAT-AAH! in your enemies’ faces!

Shinobi WAT-AAH! includes two game modes:
• the Grasshopper Mode lets you get started right away in the art of Shinobi with short games.
• the Grand Master Mode will train you over the course of three rounds, leading up to a most surprising ultimate confrontation!

• Simple yet aggressive gameplay.
• 2 game modes for short sessions, or more strategy.
• Incredible artwork by Naïade.

• 94 large Shinobi cards
• 10 Shadow Temple cards
• 10 Imperial Court cards
• 5 Boss cards
• 1 Emperor’s Pet token
• 4 Ninja Master tokens
• 48 shuriken-shaped Ninja pawns
• 1 game board
• 1 rulebook