Space Empires: Close Encounters Expansion

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Space Empires: Close Encounters is the first expansion to Space Empires: 4X. Alien races meet up close as they encounter each other for the first time in ship boarding engagements and planetary invasions with different types of ground troops. The strengths and weaknesses of each alien empire are brought out with roughly 20 unique racial abilities. The expansion takes advantage of the streamlined nature of the game system to add more technology and cool sci-fi things in very simple ways. While it is designed to be used as a whole, the expansion is modular and players can choose to use only the parts that they like.


  • 3 New Counter Sheets
  • 4.5 Counter Sheets (for the original game but thicker)
  • 25 Racial Advantage Cards
  • 30 Alien Technology Advantage Cards
  • Four cardstock Fleet Displays
  • One cardstock Battleboard
  • 4 double-sided Reference Cards
  • Production pad w/o Facilities
  • Production pad w/ Facilities
  • Rulebook
  • Scenario Book