Star Fleet Battles: Module A - Plus Impulse and Command Cards

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Captain's Module A+ includes: Impulse cards (improved over the old version with the next movement impulse listed for each speed, in addition to whether it moves on the current impulse). Command Cards (improved with 18 cards per set, providing more control over what actions you commit to without actually making written notes). Step Cards (12 cards outlining the steps taken each impulse). 216 die-cut counters for play aide use, including monsters, point of turn and slip, wild weasel, EM, etc. SFB Rules Cross Index. New and updated play aides including Reverse Impulse Chart, Pseudo-speed chart, Tactical Intelligence chart and work form, Unit Tracking Cards, planetary landing display, Klingon firing arcs, useful charts and tables, particle cannon energy form (revised for the new rules), speed change calculation form, drone tracking form, fighter tracking form, enemy energy tracking form, advanced EA form, Fleet Command tracking form.