Star Fleet Battles: Module R12 - Unusual Ships

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A hundred new starships come to Star Fleet Battles, but not just any starships. Unusual variants, outrageous designs, prototypes, failed experiments, and the runners-up in design competitions.

  • Heavy war cruisers: if they were good, why were so few built?
  • Stellar fortresses: the final bastions of the General War.
  • Battle frigates: getting something useful out of a small ship.
  • Space patrol ships: two gunboat flotillas, no fighters.
  • Seltorian battlewagons: how the Tholian spheres were destroyed.
  • Fleet oilers: small boring ships, but without fuel, nothing moves.
  • And dozens more of the strangest and most curious ships ever seen.

Includes 140 counters, 97 SSDs, ship descriptions, and scenarios.