Star Fleet Battles: Module R9 - The Ships That Never Were

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More ships from the archives of Star Fleet. Light X-dreadnoughts, heavy scout carriers, national guard PFTs, war cruisers converted into dreadnoughts, medium dreadnoughts, and much more! Ships for campaigns (Tholian tug, pods, survey ship; Seltorian tug and survey ship; Romulan tug, LTT, and pods; alliance maulers; coalition dreadnought maulers). And some interesting ships from all over, such as the fast mauler, Federation Strike Cruiser, Klingon D6D-PFT, Romulan FarHawk, Kzinti national guard drone ship, Gorn double-wing destroyer, Orion heavy and light DNs, Andromedan Shiva Mauler, Lyran Lioness, ISC war cruiser and war destroyer, LDR fleet police and fleet destroyer.Includes 48-page rulebook, 80-page SSD book, and 108 counters.