Star Trek Attack Wing: Borg Queen Vessel Prime Expansion Pack

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WizKids Game is pleased to announce the release of Star Trek™: Attack Wing Wave 8!

Star Trek: Attack Wing tactical space combat miniatures game featuring collectible pre-painted ships from the Star Trek Universe. Utilizing the FlightPath™ maneuver system*, command your fleet in space combat & customize your ship with a Captain, crew, weapons and tech upgrades. Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 8 introduces three all-new ships for the following factions: the Federation, Independents, and the BORG!

Star Trek Attack Wing Wave 8 Expansion Packs:

  • Queen Vessel Prime Borg Expansion Pack (71528)
  • U.S.S. Enterprise-E Federation Expansion Pack (71531)
  • Val Jean Independents Expansion Pack (71530)

*Uses the core rule set of the FlightPath™ game system with a Star Trek twist, but is not compatible with other FlightPath™ games from FFG.