Star Wars Battleship

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Hunt, strike, and win the galaxy with this Star Wars version of the classic Battleship game! Just like in the classic game, you fire your shots at enemy ships on a concealed grid, using white pegs to record misses and red pegs to record hits. But these ships are enemy starships! Can you figure out where your opponent’s starships are before your ships are destroyed? Whether you take the Rebel or Imperial fleet, take your shot and see if you can make your opponent say “You destroyed my starship!”

  • Includes space grid base, vertical target grid, 8 plastic starships, 8 clear risers, 8 clear starship bases, 60 red “hit” pegs, 140 white “miss” pegs, label sheet and instructions.
  • Star Wars version of the classic Battleship game
  • Red and white plastic pegs mark misses and hits
  • Rebel fleet includes Tantive IV, Millennium Falcon, Resistance X-wing Fighter and A-wing fighter ships
  • Imperial fleet includes The Finalizer, Imperial shuttle, Slave I, and First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter ships