Stelcon: Infinity

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Once the ancient jump lane network was discovered, it was only a matter of time before its secrets were unveiled and interstellar colonization became practical. As Marshal of the Fleet, it is your sworn duty to oversee the exploration and conquest of nearby regions of the galaxy; to ensure the perpetuation of your culture at any cost. But your race is not alone in the cosmos, nor in its mastery of jump lane travel and aspirations for dominance—not alone in having both the power and the will to realize those goals. Tiny surveyor jumpbots are sent out in all directions. Most paths are dead ends, but sizable deposits of rare minerals are detected along paths generally leading toward the galactic center. These crystals can be refined into the precious jump fuel that drives your space fleets onward. Soon, a trail of colonies leads out from your HomeWorld, and soon the races converge on the same cosmic regions. Only you can determine the fate of your people, be it interstellar conquest or infinite servitude.

Set contains:

  • 6 map boards, 10"x14"
  • 6 star docks, 6"x10"
  • 240 punch out pieces
  • 119 conquest cards (mini-euro size)
  • 51 sector cards (bridge size)
  • 2 dice
  • 12 page rulebook