Super Dungeon Explore: Caverns of Roxor

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Roxor's minions burrow and tear at the roots of the world, their unending hunger for her riches knows no bounds. Born of earth and fire, Roxor commands the burrowing claws of many Rock Tops, and the magma blooded elemental beasts of the Fireflow. But the Dark Consul's reach will not go unchallenged, the impetuous Princess Ruby and her companions have started into the fiery maze.

Take your games of Super Dungeon Explore to the next level with the Caverns of Roxor Level Box!

Level Box Includes:

  • 3 New Heroes: Princess Ruby, Deeproot Scout, and Star Guild Sapper
  • 1 Roxor, Elemental Dungeon Boss
  • 1 Rockgut, Troll Mini-Boss
  • 1 Rocktop Crusher
  • 2 Rocktop Rollers
  • 2 Rocktop Bombadiers
  • 6 Rocktop Slowpokes
  • 1 Blaze Beetle
  • 2 Ember Hounds
  • 3 Burning Gels
  • 6 Fire Gels
  • 3 Spawning Points
  • 6 Turtle Shells
  • Hero and Monster Game Cards
  • 6 Unique Roxor Treasure Cards

All models are plastic and come fully assembled. Take your adventure deep below Crystalia!