Sutters Mill

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Miners first discovered gold in California at Sutter’s Mill in Coloma. Their discovery sparked the Gold Rush!

In this game the players experience the sudden rise and decline of the California town of Coloma during the famous gold rush of 1849. The players first build up the town, bring new citizens into it, and, last but not least, dig gold.

However, when it is time and the gold veins are almost spent, they better take their belongings and get the heck out of Coloma!

Timing and judging the overall situation on the game board are crucial for success in Sutter´s Mill.

Mechanically pretty simple, this is a game which can be enjoyed by the family and the serious game player alike!


  • 1 large game board
  • 20 prospector gaming pieces
  • 52 influence cards
  • 8 certificate cards
  • 1 adventurer card
  • 84 gold counters
  • 4 rules overviews
  • 1 rulebook