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After slipping through the crooked fingers of Baba Yaga, you manage to escape her house. That’s when the witch starts pursuing you aboard her flying cauldron! To escape, you need to cast three spells, whose ingredients are scattered throughout this strange forest... but hurry! Baba Yaga has already picked up your scent!!

Baba Yaga is an fast and fun memory game for the whole family.

Each player starts the game with 3 face down spell cards which they must cast to win the game. To do so, you must search for the ingredients depicted on the card by turning over Forest tiles one by one with a single hand and hiding those you don’t need. But while you do this, the other players take turns moving the Baba Yaga figurine one step at a time along the flight path, then back. If you find the ingredients before Baba Yaga completes a circuit, the spell on the card is cast! The first player to complete her three spells wins!

This original game comes with an illustrated version of the famous Slavic tale it is based on

• A tale and a game in the same box.
• A smart memory game for the whole family, with variants for younger players.
• Be quick : your opponents act together as a the timer while you play!
• Splendid artwork by Vincent Joubert.

• 16 Forest tiles (each with a Forest face and an Ingredient face)
• 10 Baba Yaga Flight Path tiles
• 1 Baba Yaga House tile
• 20 Spell cards
• 1 Baba Yaga figurine
• 1 Tale Booklet
• 1 Rule Booklet