Tannhauser: Asteros

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Deep in the twisting prison of the Labyrinth, a monstrosity is locked away from the world. An accursed beast born from an ancient tragedy, Asteros longs for release. But who would dare unchain him?

Recruit one of the most destructive creatures in the world for your Tannhäuser forces with Asteros! This single figure expansion pack comes with a detailed and pre-painted miniature of the minotaur Asteros, which can be used to fight for any faction. Also included are the tokens and rules needed to field Asteros in battle. With a special scenario included, the Asteros figure pack is a great way to expand your options and further explore the world of Tannhäuser!

This pack includes:

  • Painted Asteros miniatures
  • Character sheet
  • 18 game tokens
  • An 8-page rulebook