Tannhauser: Frankenstahl

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The black alchemy of Baron Oberst Reimard Von Karloff, along with the magic of the hermetics that serve him, bring the writhing mass of flesh and pistons known as the Frankenstahl to life. Enemies of the Reich cannot deny the danger this poses, both to the freedom of the world and to the very laws of nature themselves.

The Frankenstahl Single Miniature Pack is a horrifying expansion for Tannhäuser! It includes one beautifully painted figure and accompanying character sheet, a twelve-page rulebook with an all-new scenario, and all the tokens and equipment cards necessary to bring this deadly abomination to your battles.

The Frankenstahl Single Miniature Pack includes:

  • One painted Frankenstahl miniature and character sheet
  • Twelve game tokens and eight equipment cards
  • One twelve-page rulebook with dedicated scenario