Tannhauser: Oksana

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Oksana is a former Archimandrite, defeated at the hands of the reincarnated god that she refused to bow to. Now she’s back to cause a split within the Matriarchy, the powerful faction introduced in the Operation Novgorod expansion. Just as likely to side with the Union as she is with the Matriarcy on her path to vengeance, Oksana is a powerful ally or a dangerous foe, depending on where you stand in her eyes.

Oksana comes complete with a detailed pre-painted figure of Oksana Gusarenko, two pre-painted Voïvode miniatures, two character sheets, and tokens for all of her equipment. Oksana has the ability to field two Voïvodes when she is chosen as a hero. Players wishing to utilize Oksana’s technological talents must replace one of their Troopers with her two Voïvodes. She cannot be used on the same team as Zor’ka from the Operation Novgorod expansion.

  • Painted figures for Oksana and her 2 Voïvodes
  • 2 Character sheets
  • Equipment tokens
  • A rulebook, including a new scenario and personal challenges for Oksana