Tannhauser: Operation Hinansho

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While the Union continues to pit new technology against the Reich’s occult magic, the Matriarchy teeters on the brink of civil war due to the rise of the New Guard. Still, the great nations all find themselves with new questions when the forces of Japan send their armies into continental Asia and take Tianjin on the coast of China…

The great powers turn their attention to East Asia in Operation: Hinansho, a campaign expansion for Tannhäuser.

After the Shogunate’s entrance into the war, the other great powers must race for answers at the site of a crashed Union airplane in the South China Sea and at an abandoned research base in northern Japan.

Operation: Hinansho gives players new maps, rules, game tokens, secrets, and espionage as it explores intrigues in the Far East. Players also receive all the tokens they need to play the Shogunate as an independent faction, on any map in their Tannhäuser collection, and optional rules let you wage larger battles than ever before.