Tannhauser: Yula

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Yula Korlïtz – At the age of 19, Yula Korlïtz and her twin sister Anna orchestrated and perpetrated a successful assault on the British Museum during the massive London bombardment of 1941. Several esoteric artifacts of great value were secured for the Reich during the raid and the Korlïtz sisters singled out for special assignments.

Unfortunately, during Anna's next assignment she accompanied an exploratory mission into the Dead Lands. The entire expedition was lost.

Yula, on the other hand, was assigned to special training and dispatched on dangerous missions behind enemy lines, during the operation of which she dispatched numerous enemy soldiers in close-quarters combat. She remains one of the Kaiser's most capable and deadly agents.

Yula is loyal to the Reich.

This single miniature pack contains:

  • Painted Yula miniature
  • Character sheet
  • Rule sheet
  • 10 equipment cards
  • Counters and tokens for Yula and her equipment