Terminator Genisys Battle for the Future

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Reset The Future! In the ravaged wasteland left after the nuclear holocaust of Judgement Day, the Human Resistance, led by the legendary John Connor, is locked in a desperate conflict against the remorseless machines controlled by Skynet. Who will ultimately survive in the Battle for the Future? Based on Paramount Pictures' blockbuster movie and jam-packed with everything two players need to fight exciting, skirmish-level, tabletop battles using highly detailed 28mm plastic models, the Terminator Genisys: Battle for the Future Miniatures Game comes complete with 10 Terminator Endoskeletons, five Terminator Crawlers, 16 Resistance Soldiers, a double-sided Gaming Mat, two sets of polyhedral dice, two punchboards containing Scenery, Tokens, and Templates, and a 16-page rulesbook.