The Lone Wolf Adventure Game Boxed Set

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Epic quests, desperate battles, and ancient secrets await you! Join the Kai Lords in their desperate battle against the forces of darkness! Joe Dever`s Lone Wolf gamebooks introduced a generation to fantasy gaming now, in Lone Wolf`s 30th Anniversary year, the legend continues with the Lone Wolf Adventure Game. From fertile Sommerlund to the arid deserts of Vassagonia, the fetid depths of the Danarg swamp to the despoiled wasteland of the Darklands, an evocative and fully-realized world of adventure awaits you in the Lone Wolf Adventure Game, as players take on the role of Kai Lords men and women belonging to an order of warrior-scholar-monks capable of super-human feats of body and mind. As defenders of your home country of Sommerlund, your adventures will be many and varied. You could be dispatched on a dangerous secret mission by the King, investigating odd rumors from the borderlands, and called on to settle a land dispute between nobles. The enemies of Sommerlund and the Kai are many, and the Kai stretched holding the line.