Tunnels and Trolls: DewDrop Inn

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You know that there are establishments in many different lands -- perhaps many different worlds. Still, this is the first time you've actually found one, and not seeing any other accommodations around, you decide to spend the night there. As you approach, the sounds of merriment and mirth echo out into the street--yes, this looks like your kind of place. Let's hope that the food is good, the beds are bug free, and the ladies (or gentlemen) are friendly.

This is a solitaire adventure for Tunnels and Trolls using the 7.5 edition rules. You can play by 5th edition rules if you wish, but you will find a few things different in the mechanics. The adventure is for any humanoid character of any level no more than ten feet tall. The Inn simply isn't built for creatures larger than that, and if you're really big, you need to go down the street to the Giant's Castle Inn. Although you can take anyone at all, the adventure is really aimed at characters of levels 1 through 5. You will need a T&T character, a copy of the rules, lots of 6-sided dice, a writing implement -- pencils are good because you can erase and write over--and paper. You will need to keep track of things such as how many rooms you've been in, whether you've been in this one before, and what level you're on. You will want to keep track of your adventure points in order to gain attribute points as you play (you couldn't do that in 5th edition). And you will need to keep track of your attribute points-- they may be changing all the time. The object of this adventure is very simple-- get your character back out of the Inn alive. For some of you it may be very simple; for others it may be impossible.