Valiant Universe RPG Core Rulebook

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The edge between superhero and villain has never been sharper! In the Valiant Universe RPG, players will immerse themselves in a dark and gritty world where every mission and every battle has deadly consequences. Whether playing X-O Manowar, Bloodshot, Shadowman, or the all-powerful Toyo Harada - or any of dozens of characters - Valiant's most fearless heroes will unite for the first time in a roleplaying game, allowing you to join their stories and create new ones! Powered by the rules-light and easy-to-learn Cue System, the Valiant Universe RPG Core Rulebook features detailed summaries of all the Valiant Universe comic titles so players can easily determine which part of the universe they want to game in, plus ready-to-play missions and superhero and villain character dossiers will have players in the thick of the action in no time!