Warhammer Fantasy RPG: Bright Order Magic

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Fires and passions drive the wizards who wield Bright Order Magic. The most fiery and aggressive of all the Empire’s mages, members of the Bright Order share a reputation for both stubbornness and bravery in the field of battle, and apprentices are groomed to support the Empire’s armies as Battle Wizards where their explosive potential easily makes up for their lack of subtlety.

Now you can scorch your foes with the new spells of Bright Order Magic. This Print on Demand expansion for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay introduces fifteen spells and two powerful items to burn hotter than ever.

Bright Order Magic is a 20-card POD pack, consisting of:

  • Fifteen spells spanning Rank 1 to Rank 5
  • Two item cards
  • Three information cards