Warhammer Invasion LCG: Battle for the Old World Battle Pack

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The Old World is a land of eternal war. As its rival races continue to combat each other, they must look for new tactics and new tricks or suffer defeat at the hands of enemies who have learned their standard tactics over years and years of battle. As players head deeper into the Eternal War cycle, Battle for the Old World gives each of the races exactly what they need – new tricks and surprises – as it continues to reinforce the game’s focus on a dynamic battlefield phase.

Battle of the Old World introduces ten new units that each bring special abilities to force their enemies into difficult decisions and make combat more engaging. It also expands players’ deck-building options with new Spells, Hexes, and Fortifications, as well as a new Greenskin legend certain to make an impact.

CONTAINS CARDS 41-60 of the "ETERNAL WAR" cycle.

This is not a stand-alone deck. A Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game core set is required to play.