Warmachine: The Protectorate of Menoth Initiate Tristan Durant Character Solo (White Metal)

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Initiate Tristan Durant is quite young and far from mastery, his face still bare of the mask of authority worn by full priests and his warcaster armor an unfamiliar burden. Yet Tristan stands ready to lead his battlegroup in defense against any who threaten the faithful of Menoth. He is gifted with the ability to see beyond the physical and intends to relentlessly pursue those deemed heretics or blasphemers. Once this warrior of the creator locates his quarry, he will not hesitate to cleanse the battlefield of them with the might of his blessed warjacks and holy fire.Initiate Tristan Durant comes in a blister (PIP 32102). A player may field one Initiate Tristan Durant in a Protectorate army.