Warriors and Traders

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Warriors & Traders is a pure strategy game that combines economy, negotiation and war. 2 to 6 players strive to build their empire in the Dark Ages of Europe, managing scarce resources, fighting and negotiating their way to victory.

In the beginning every player chooses his starting country and starts owning only the capital province, striving to build up an empire. The main mechanic of the game is taking Actions, two per turn for each player. These Actions can be used to develop one of the country’s technologies, to build armies, Forts, to upgrade armies or to declare war against an opponent.

During a turn, every player gets to feed armies, to gather resources from the provinces he or she owns, to take the two Actions and to perform the military phase, moving armies and solving battles.

There are three technologies every country can develop:

  • Production – to get better multipliers for resources, Food and Products and to be able to build Forts, reinforce armies or get extra Actions
  • Trade – to get better exchange rates with the bank to get vital resources like Gold, to be able to deal with other players and, in the end, to have absolute Monopoly on all trade
  • Military – to build bigger and better armies and to get special abilities that make the armies more maneuverable against enemies

The aim of the game is to accumulate Victory Points. They are obtained by killing the Barbarians populating the map from the very beginning of the game or opponents units, by building Forts, by controlling provinces, by developing technologies and in exchange for Gold. So many ways, just to make the game fun for both war gamers and peaceful players who are looking for a Euro game experience.