World of Warcraft CCG: Deathwing Card Sleeve (80 Sleeves)

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It has been a long three years since World of Warcraft Trading Card Game sleeves have been offered. We've produced deckboxes and playmats designed to jazz up your presence at the tournament table and intimidate your opponent. Now sleeve up your favorite deck and rep your favorite game as well as the Cataclysm's biggest baddie: Deathwing.

These sleeves are made from the same quality materials you'll find in high-end tournament sleeves. They'll still be protecting your cards long after Deathwing goes down in the online game. We put 80 sleeves in each pack, more than enough for your Constructed deck or perfect for two Limited decks. Complete your collection by sleeving your deck in the latest in World of Warcraft TCG accessories from Cryptozoic Entertainment.

80 sleeves per pack