World of Warcraft CCG: The Caverns of Time Raid Deck

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The timeways are in peril, and only the bravest heroes can stand against the evil forces that threaten the past, present, and future. The Caverns of Time Raid Deck allows you and your friends to take on iconic villains such as Archimonde the Defiler, Queen Azshara, and Murozond, leader of the Infinite Dragonflight!

The Caverns of Time Raid Deck comes with eight oversized raiding heroes. Jump into the battle by choosing three heroes at random for the automated Raid Deck to use, and battle through all three to claim victory. When you're ready for an even bigger challenge, add more heroes to the Raid until you are ready to take on the ultimate challenge: battling through all eight Raid heroes in a single game!


  • 60 Card Deck
  • 8 Raid Hero Cards
  • Treasure Pack
  • Rulebook