World of Warcraft CCG: The Caverns of Time Treasure Display (24 Packs)

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The timeways are in peril, and only the bravest heroes can stand against the evil forces that threaten the past, present, and future.

Treasure Packs

Each copy of The Caverns of Time Raid Deck comes with a Treasure Pack. This 70-card all-foil set features plenty of awesome new cards for your regular Constructed decks. New Alliance and Horde allies expand on the keywords found in the Timewalkers Block, and new abilities and equipment will give your classes the boost they were looking for. Or, if you are looking for something a little more monstrous, add the power of epic demons such as Archimonde, Hand of Sargeras and Mannoroth the Flayer to your decks, and watch your opponents run in terror!

Are you ready to face some of the greatest evils that have plagued Azeroth's past, present, and future? It's up to you, champions!


  • Featuring 9 cards per pack.
  • The set overall contains 24 commons, 18 commons, 22 rares, and 6 epics in total.